Russia Protests
About Russia Protests

Russia Protests was created in January of 2021 in the aftermath of the new wave of protests sweeping the country. The news about protest actions all across Russia was transmitted worldwide; however, non-Russian-speaking media paid very little attention to the richness of material and non-material culture emerging from this context. Thus, we decided to document and preserve the magnitude of creative responses to the political unrest. One of the primary goals of Russia Protests is to show the English-speaking world a different side of the Russian protest movement.

Russia Protests collects digital materials that have the power to deepen and broaden one’s perception of Russian current political reality. We strive to be inclusive of all forms of responses: slogans, posters, digital art, memes, spontaneous actions, reactions on social media, and so much more. The nature of this archive dictates some limitations, such as the inability to establish authorship of particular works, quality of the visual materials, and their initial sources. While we strive to collect as rapidly as possible, we will inevitably leave out and miss some things that rightfully belong to our archive. Thus, this platform welcomes submissions from anyone and on anything they deem relevant to this digital archive. We also welcome any corrections and additions to the existing collection.

We are committed to protecting the protesters' identity. Thus, we wipe the metadata of the materials posted on this website. Despite sourcing the materials on public platforms, we decided to blur the protesters' faces if they were photographed by the journalists, and their consent to be in the picture is unclear. We respect the protester's right not to be featured on this platform, and anyone can request their photograph to be deleted.