Russia Protests
5: Tatyana Lazareva interviews Anton Lapenko
23 Jan 2021, Moscow
Tatyana Lazareva is a Russian actress and media presenter. Throughout the protest action in Moscow she was approaching other public figures for brief interviews. She used toilet brush instead of a microphone, referring to Navalny’s discovery of a £680 toilet brush in Putin’s Palace. In this video she approached Anton Lapenko, a popular social media personality who got famous for his comedic sketches evoking nostalgia for the Soviet culture.

TL: In a couple of words, how are you doing?
AL: I’m good, so joyful…
TL: And why are you joyful? [laughs]
AL: [laughs] Well, I don’t know… today is a celebration! [laughs]
TL: Celebration, what celebration? [laughs]